hati dalam kotak pandora

Posted: 11 February 2011 in fiksi

satu hari you kata, sorry. i can’t make it today.
i jawab, it’s ok.
you pun kata, you are not going to believe me if i am telling you this. ada irama gembira dalam setiap butir perkataan yang you keluarkan
i kata, try me. tapi waktu itu i tahu yang you tahu i tak teruja pun nak tahu.
you terus cerita, my ex offer me a job. and he needs me to bring my resume to his office by 3. this is something really important to me. i hope you’ll understand.
i tanya dengan curiga, why is your ex so eager offering you this job?
you kata dengan marah, and now you are jealous, don’t you?
you terus matikan talian.
bermula dari hari itu i makan sorang sorang. makan hati sorang sorang.


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